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I bought this for myself and my daughter. I didn't take before pictures because I didn't really expect much. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It really works and fast! Neither one of experienced any irritation at all and it's great under makeup. I can't wait to try it on my brows!

Emily, 49

A few weeks ago I thought my friend was wearing fake eyelashes because they were so long, but she told me about this product and i had to try it! I’ve barely been using it for two weeks and i’m already AMAZED with the results. I can’t wait to see what happens after the full 4 weeks. Compared to some of the other eyelash serums out there, this price is unbeatable for the quality!

Nora, 31

I had big struggles with very short lashes, so I have decided to try NATURA LASHES. To be honest I was very skeptical at the beginning, especially in my age and the results? Oh my god I just couldn't believe in it. My lashes became stronger, darker, curled and very long. Amazing how it works! Definitely buying more for my daughters. Thank you Natura Beauty

Lisa, 53 yrs

Really works!! I am 73 yrs. old and have full long lashes! :)

Evi, 73

I’m obsessed with these products! I LOVE them! I swear my lashes are so long and strong and everyone think my lashes are fake! I always make sure I have this and a back up to be safe! Shipping is super fast!

Layla, 23

I love these products!! They really actually work , more then castor oil it’s self!!! Highly recommend 

Julia, 34

I love this stuff! I tried an expensive kind that worked well but was looking for a more affordable option. This works just as well!! I am very happy

Dani, 26

Normally I'm not writing a reviews but for this product I had to because I am so happy! I have purchased NATURA BROWS to achieve perfect arch and tail since my brows are very thin and sparse and light. After 8 weeks I don't have to draw my eyebrows anymore, just adding few lines of brow pencil to enhance natural brows. So definitely worth to buy.

Sophie, 29 yrs

Since using Natura Lashes and Natura Brows, my eyelashes are so long, and my brows are so full!!! I am telling that to everyone who wants to grow their lashes and brows. It works!!! I will keep buying it.

Anoek, 26

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